Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Official WGW Blog

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Jo Hampshire who runs Whitby Goth Weekend. She had discovered my blog and my coverage of the WGW events that I had been to. Jo said that she liked what I had been writing and would I be prepared to let her use my past material and also become the official blogger for WGW. Let's just say that I didn't really have to think very hard about my decision.

One of the things that appealed to me was the fact that Jo didn't want me to change my style as she insisted I continue to give a warts and all account, as I have always written it, rather than just corporate blah. I hope you enjoy reading about what goes on at each WGW and that you get a little insight into what makes us goths tick and what goes into attending an event like WGW. I have consolidated my daily entries from this blog as my starter for ten. Going forwards I will be blogging daily on here and consolidating on the official page to make it a little clearer.

So, with a drum roll I am pleased to unveil to you all the Official WGW Blog here:

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