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WGW November 2011

03/11/2011 WGW Day 1

Today your intrepid explorers set off for the lightbulb cafe to stock up on energy ready for our marathon drive to North Yorkshire for the November Whitby Goth Weekend.

As is customary for these events the camera was out in force,

This made me chuckle

I have a bit of a thing for sunsets although they can be quite hard to capture on the road

It was a good drive up and other than having to make a last minute detour due to a serious accident on the Whitby border we made good time.

We managed to park just round the corner from our accommodation. I was so happy to see that we were residing on Khyber Pass (oh the memories of devils in skirts)

The cottage is amazing and is definitely the best place we've ever stayed at so far

Once we had settled in we went to an excellent seafood restaurant to recharge. It was absolutely delicious although the kids menu was a little suspect with Children Nuggets & Chips! YUK!After food Toni and Gemima went back to the cottage and Sam and I popped into town to get some provisions from Co-Op.

The rest of the evening was spent chilling in preparation for the excitement to come over the next few days!

04/11/2011 WGW Day 2 - a new engagement!!!!!!!!!!

An earlyish rise for us today as we needed to have breakfast prior to going to pick up our wristbands from the Spa Pavilion. Gemima nearly got hoovered up prior to our departure!

It was all a bit wet and soggy outside but that didn't stop us posing for photos at the whalebones

After a bit of soggy posing we went and picked up our wristbands and then did a little shopping as the tradition on all visit to WGW.

We then decided to go for a stroll and as the weather had improved and I wanted to have more photos taken. Well that was my excuse anyway. Toni and I got into position and then I dropped to one knee and asked her to marry me, thankfully she said yes!

I don't think I've ever seen anybody smile as much as she did!

We then went mooching round Whitby Town and had a nice cup of tea. In a rare moment I managed to persuaded Sam to have another photo taken

Next we headed back to the cottage for a chill, some food and to get dressed up for our night at the Spa.

04/11/2011 WGW Day 2 - The Bands

Dressing up for a night out in Whitby? Surely not! You know it makes sense, it's the law or some unwritten charter or something!

Posing done we then headed off to the Spa for a night of entertainment!

Chris Tuke and his merry band blew us away with his own unique Trash Vogue sound, a wonderful blend of glam, punk, goth all packaged up with New Romantic chic! Totally amazing set and a great way to start the night off.

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Another great set for Cryogenica and well received by the Whitby faithful. So nice to see them progressing and getting better and better gigs, hopefully this will help them to progress further. It was great to see Richard from The Ghost Of Lemora joining them on stage for the last two numbers too.

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....and so the party lifted into second gear with rebel rousers Devilish Presley doing what they do best and just playing fun tunes to get the crowd lively and bopping around.

See all the DEVILISH PRESLEY pics: 041111DevilishPresleyWGW

Really enjoyed these guys. They seem to evolved their earlier goth root for a more rocky sound on the new material which wasn't to the taste of some of the audience but I thought they were really good

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It's not often you can see a band a few times in a short space of time and them up the ante every time but Abney Park managed it. They were awesome at White Mischief and tonight the turned it up way and above 11. Gemima really love them and Nathan gave her his guitar pick. Fantastic stuff!

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The excitement for Gemima didn't end here though as she spent the after gig time hanging with the stars much to here delight.

Carina from Cryogenica:

Abney Park:

Chris Tuke from Berlin Black

Jacqui Vixen from Devilish Presley:

An amazing first night!

05/11/2011 WGW Day 3 - The Bands

After a day of chilling it was time for round two at the Spa Pavillion

The Death Notes kicked things off in fine fashion with some post punk bravado and Siouxsie style vocals.

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These girls totally rocked with some pinky death rock swagger. All three girls looked like the were totally enjoying themselves.

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The larger than life Rhombus just get better (and bigger too). We started off with the usual line up and then they were joined by the Rhombettes. To cap it all off they were joined for the last two numbers by Anne Marie Hurst (of Ghost Dance & Skeletal Family fame)

See all the RHOMBUS pics here: 051111RhombusWGW

Voltaire was a last minute artist change and the reason why Sam wanted to come. He treated us to a hilarious set of dark horror tunes. A superb act and definitely one to see again! Gemima even managed to get part of a song mention her for her upcoming birthday!

See all the VOLTAIRE pics here: 051111VoltaireWGW

While Chameleons Vox played we strolled round and Gemima did her meet the artists bit again.

Jess from the Rhombettes

Who gave Gemima this.....

Victoria from the Rhombettes

Mr. Voltaire

06/11/2011 WGW Day 4 - CalatrilloZ @ The Resolution Hotel

Today was a day for chilling out and generally just taking it easy. We started with lunch at Gravelys. Sam and I went for a walk around Whitby and had planned to attend the football game but we went back to the cottage as Gemima hadn't really fancied it so Toni stayed back at the cottage with her.

More chilling and I crashed out and the buggers too, pics of me. This was the most flattering of them *grumble grumble*

Sam whipped up some food and then it was time to get dressed up and head to the Resolution Hotel to go and see our friends CalatrilloZ play. This is my gorgeous wife to be!

Was good to meet Sean Patrick and Rick 'DJ Wolfman' Eaglestone at The Resolution Hotel.

Pre-gig posing

This was possibly the best set we have ever seen from CalatrilloZ. They were really fired up and went down a storm. They looked surprised when people wanted to hear more and were totally unprepared. They did manage an extra number though and then played Z The Psychopath again to rapturous applause. So pleased to see them doing well and the had queues for merch afterwards.

See all the CALATRILLOZ pics here: 061111CalatrilloZTheResWGW

After the gig Gemima did her customary hanging with the stars routine!

07/11/2011 Goodby Whitby, hello Leeds!

Well today it was time to bid farewell to the love wonderful Whitby and another fantastic Whitby Goth Weekend. After brunch we loaded up the car and headed off to Leeds.

First stop was Games Workshop so that Sam could pick up the new Necron Codex and then we drove to Guisely to go and see Dan and Laura. There was much catching up to do, along with listening to fine (and some not so fine) tunes along with a little food for good measure. We had a good time and it was such a shame that it was a school night as it meant we had to cut our time short :o(

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