Saturday, 28 April 2012

WGW Day 3

We had planned to just take it easy and do very little today. The best laid plans and all that.....

After breakfast we had gone back to our room to snuggle and rest when I received a phone call. We had offered lift(s) to Whitby from London and the return journey before we left but hadn't had any takers apart one possible return journey subject to meeting us first. We were supposed to have met Lady Spiderella at Raw on Thursday night but as we had been to tired to attend and had no contact from her we had assumed that she wasn't interested any more. It turned out she was so we had to throw some clothes on and rush down to The Spa to meet her. We had a long chat and agreed that we could take her back to Banbury on our way back on Monday.

While waiting in the foyer of The Spa it was good to see that things looked much busier than they had the day before. There were lots more people milling about including lots of the dressing up brigade. As usual there were lots of very creative outfits which is always lovely to see.

As Toni's Madfish had died a death last night we then hit the Bizarre Bazaar once again in search of new shoes. Toni ended up with a fantastic pair of New Rock ankle boots. It was my lucky day too as I walked away with some lovely New Rock cowboy boots! They'll probably get me shunned by the ubergoth fashion snobs but I don't really care as I love them!

Next stop was the Resurrection Records stall (I told you we'd end up there). We ended up buying six new compilation CDs to give us an introduction to lots of new bands as well as a copy of the new Partly Faithful EP.

After shopping we dropped our bags off at the room and then went down to the bar in The Res. We had lunch and a couple of drinks while waiting to meet Pablo, the player/manager of Real Gothic FC. Meeting went well and we have sorted out a plan of action for my live game updates via Twitter tomorrow.

Once Pablo had ventured off we were then joined by Sean Patrick so continued drinking and had a good old catch up as we'd not seen him for a while.

Social time over we then got down to the important stuff, a raid on the pound shop for sweets and crisps ready for post gig munchies later on! It was then time for a quick nap before getting ready for the entertainment tonight at The Spa!

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