Friday, 27 April 2012

WGW Day 2

After an amazingly good sleep Toni and l woke up fully refreshed and raring to go! We started off with a buffet breakfast in the hotel. Toni even got to toast her own gluten free bread! Lots of lovely food and well cooked plus lots of coffee was a great way to start the day.

Suitably stuffed we then strolled the short distance from The Res to the Spa Pavilion.

We said a quick hello to Bridget Gothtart before we picked up our wristbands.

As is traditional for us (and a lot of other WGW regulars) it was time to hit the Bizarre Bazaar for some retail therapy. It was sad to see that the number of stalls has reduced from past years. I am hoping that this is just a sad reflection of the current economic climate rather than any throwback to any past WGW political fallout.

That said, we still managed to spend lots of money on various new outfits, hats and hair falls so there is still plenty there to spend your money on, not to mention the fabulous 20% discount that Resurrection Records are offering on most things other than new release. I didn't indulge today but I may be back for a browse tomorrow! We also sampled a selection of English Heritage mead as well as cherry wine and ended up buying a few bottles too!

After the shopping we took a gentle stroll back to The Res and retired to our room for a chill (and to drink tea and eat crisps and sweets LOL).

Dinner was at The Res and oh my word! The food was absolutely divine! Really nice and great value for money! We also downed a bottle of wine which set me up very nicely for getting changed and hitting The Spa!

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