Sunday, 29 April 2012

WGW Day 4

We woke up early this morning and had a massive breakfast to get us through the day as it looked very cold and wet outside and a trip to the foolsball was on the cards.

We chilled out in the hotel room for a while and I started my duties as Real Gothic FC tweeter and started some banter with my opposite number at The Whitby Gazette! Much hilarity was generated long before the game actually started. I also had to try and stave off a lot of misinformation that the game was cancelled today when it wasn't. It appeared that the assumption was that because it was raining that there would be no game. WRONG!

We donned our warmest clothes and hoodies and umbellas in hand set out into the work to face the elements. It was absolutely tipping it down with rain and there was a strong icy wind cutting across us too. To say the walk to the grounds of Whitby Town FC was unpleasant would be an understatement but we managed it nonetheless.

On our arrival we had a quick drink and a chat with Louise Scousewag. As kick off time approached it became clear that there were very few people there and it was unlikely that there would be a mass influx later. At this point it was decided that the charity raffle would not go ahead. There were some quite expensive prizes on offer and it wouldn't have been good to have raised little money for charity in exchange.

The game was wet and cold. The pitch was sodden and got wetter and wetter as the first half went on until it started to look like a lake. It was so wet that even the ball didn't want to play (thank you Toni for that gem). For once it was a bit of an end to end game and Athletico Gazette failed to capitalise on an empty night and despite a lot of pressure just couldn't get the ball in. There were numerous chips over the crossbar. Real Gothic did manage some good offensive pressure until finally a beautiful kick by captain Graeme McKinnon took the goths to a 1 - 0 advantage. The score was 1 - 0 at half time when it was announced that the win would be given to Real Gothic but the remainder of the match was called off due to an unfit pitch (makes a change from unfit goths!). This was a relief to me as my fingers almost went numb during the first half from the biting cold wind! Congratulations to Real Gothic FC though, it's nice to get a win and hopefully the same can be repeated come November. In the end the event did manage raise £600 for the respective charities that were nominated which was great news.

After the game Toni and staggered back to The Res through more wind and rain. Fortunately they were still doing food so we went and had a bottle of wine and a lovely roast dinner. Have to say it was pretty fantastic and great value for money too.

After refreshment we went back to our room, stripped out of our still damp clothes and hung them up to dry. A cup of tea was then in order and we both crashed out.

Usually we try and do something on the Sunday night at Whitby Goth Weekend, either a band at The Res and/or Nostalgia at Raw but we chose not to tonight. It would have been convenient if The Res still ran bands on Sunday but it appears that they don't any longer so that option was out anyway.

Life has been so busy and stressful in the lead up to this WGW that we decided to take some time out and just chill and relax. WGW has always been about getting away from things and tonight was no different only we stayed in for a change. It was a novelty watching some real TV. Much tea was downed and we enjoyed Caddyshack and an old episode of Cracker.

I received a very nice text from Real Gothic FC player/manager Pablo thanking me for my Twitter commentary during the course of the day and I am delighted to be announce that I'm now "on the team" so to speak and will be resuming my duties once again in November!

It has been a fantastic Whitby Goth Weekend once again. We've had a cracking time and really enjoyed the break. There have been some fantastic bands and some less good ones but it's all part of the experience. We are already booked up our accommodation for November so we'll be back for more fun and games!

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