Thursday, 26 April 2012

WGW Day 1: the travel

Thing didn't go quite as planned this morning. Once we had dropped Gemima off at school we went to Coffee Town for breakfast, then fuelled up The Beast and checked the tyres.

After some hard wardrobe decisions we finally finished packing and then headed out on the road Whitby bound.

It's not often you see one of these out on the road!

Overall it was a good journey albeit VERY wet in places! It's incredible to think we have hosepipe bans with the amount of water falling from the sky. There was so much flooding in fields that it was unreal!

We made one stop off en route for coffee and nibbles and picked up some stuff to eat later on.
Although we didn't indulge we did pause by this and thought of Sam.

There was lots of buzz across the interwebs as we travelled that our destination had turned into CSI: Whitby due to a murder that had happened yesterday and the ongoing investigations by the police.
More details on this tragic event can be found on the Whitby Gazette website here:

As is my wont for noticing and taking photos of weird shit... this was spotted on a set of traffic lights? It is reassuring to know that they are crash friendly!

As we got to the moors it was very foggy! Visibility was down to one bus length which was quite scary considering it was tipping down with rain.

We arrived safe and sound in Whitby at around 18:30. Our accommodation this time round is the newly refurbished Resolution Hotel. The room was lovely and the view spectacular (albeit foggy LOL)

Extravagance then kicked in as we sat in bed eating Caesar salad with chicken, parsnip crisps and drinking tea while we chilled and thought about what we should wear when we go out to RAW later for the S.O.P.H.I.E. fundraising event!

The events of our quite dramatic personal life sadly caught up with us though as our plans to go out ended with us crashing out from sheer exhaustion! On the plus side we'll be recovered and full of energy for the rest of our break!

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