Friday, 2 November 2012

WGW Nov 2012: WGW Day 2

Today we were up nice and early and Erin made a lovely fry up for us all to set us up for a day of action. As is the way with Whitby Goth Weekend it was time to choose outfits and take photos!
We then headed out to The Spa to go and collect our writstbands and do a little shopping. Toni and I managed to pick up some amazing bits for the wedding. Exciting stuff and no I won't be posting photographs! We were a lot more restrained than we have been on previous visits though. For once we were actually happy with what we already have on our wardrobe so didn't really feel the need to go on a mad spree, now there's a novelty! While doing the rounds we had a quick chat with Tara Price (of, Pablo from Real Gothic FC and Sarah Bailey. Always good see friends up here. Mars and Erin then split off to go and do the Whitby tourist thing and Toni and I went and chilled out in the Staircase Cafe and had a very nice lunch. We all congregated back at the apartment to get dolled up ready to hit the Spa for a night of music.
Although the camera doesn't really do it justice there was a lovely view on the moon reflecting on the sea over the back top of our apartment as we walked over to the Spa.
See all the WGW Day 2 pics here 021112WGWDay2

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