Saturday, 3 November 2012

WGW Nov 2012: Day 3

Today was an easy day for Toni and I. Here's a lovely view from our apartment first thing
Mars and Erin continued their tourist trail and hit the Old Town and Whitby Abbey. Mars and Erin before they headed out
It was nice just to kick back and relax and not do very much. We did enjoy chilling out and took the opportunity to listen to the new Dutch Order and Last July CDs which were both excellent. Later on we met up at the band stand and took a tour on the Whitby Steam Bus. The story of the Steam Bus in Whitby is very heart warming and if you are ever there I would highly recommend that you take a trip.
More detals can be found here After out little excursion Erin and Mars went back to the apartment and Toni and I took a little stroll out along the walk way from the opening photos of this blog entry. It was a little chilly but a lovely scene.
Once the biting wind had got the better of us we grabbed some chips and then headed back to the apartment to join Erin and Mars to start getting ready for the evening of entertainment. See all the WGW Day 3 pics here 031112WGWDay302

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