Thursday, 1 November 2012

WGW Nov 2012: Day 1: the travel

It's that time of year again! Was I excited, hell yeah! Not only were we heading off to Whitby Goth Weekend once again but we were also taking Erin and Martine (from Orpheum) with us this time round. Martine stayed overnight and we loaded up the car first thing. Thanks to Aaron for taking this photo (as I'm usually missing LOL)
We started off with a hearty breakfast at Coffee Town before heading off to Hertfordshire to collect Erin. It was a good journey and we made really good time getting there. Here's a few pics from the journey.
Here's the Abbey long distance:
And a little closer:
We were so happy to arrive at our apartment:
The evening was then spent chatting, chilling out and then downing a couple of bottles of wine. After wine we went for chips!
Oh yes, life is good in Whitby and we can't wait until the real fun starts tomorrow!

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