Friday, 2 November 2012

WGW Nov 2012: Day 2: The Bands

Fully dressed up and a bottle of wine downed before we left we descended on The Spa for a night of musical entertainment. LAST JULY It was second time lucky for Last July as last April's performance was cut short due to technical difficulties (not to mention them going on early). No problems this time round though with us being there in plenty of time and the technical demons staying away. A fantastic way to open the night with a great audience receiving them with open arms. Strong songs from this electro goth four piece.
See all the LAST JULY pics here: 021112LastJulyWGW DUTCH ORDER Dutch Order returned to the WGW stage with a post punk onslaught. Some fantastic new material was aired from their debut album. Their Joy Division, Talking Heads mash up was a joy to behold.
See all the DUTCH ORDER pics here 021112DutchOrderWGW INERTIA Sadly it was a disappointment to see Inertia tonight. I've seen them before and am a big fan but they just seemed a bit off to me. Not that my opinion counted for much as they had a good crowd and plenty of people dancing. 20 years on and still going strong with some good new material to compliment their older stuff.
See all the INERTIA pics here: 021112InertiaWGW FANGS ON FUR BAM! Fangs On Fur hit the stage with a full on punk explosion! This was no frills rock n roll. It wasn' big and it wasn't clever but boy did it have one hell of a bounce to it! Most enjoyable set with a good natured mosh pit going on. Not sure this met any health and safety requirements but even the sound engineers took a photo of it and laughed!
See all the FANGS ON FUR pics here: 021112FangsOnFurWGW MESH It's not often you see a bunch of goths clapping with their hands above their heads but it was there tonight. Mesh delivered up catchy sing a long electronica which generated much singing along! A good polished performance that was well received.
See all the MESH pics here: 021112MeshWGW It was another great night of music at WGW and it was really good to see so many people there on the Friday night. I have high expectations for tomorrow night!

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