Saturday, 3 November 2012

WGW Nov 2012: Day 3: The Bands

It was a mad rush to get ready tonight and we arrived at The Spa in the nick of time.
BAD POLLYANNA It was really nice to hear something slightly different at WGW. These guys had a sort of theatrical symphonic feel to their sound with a touch of industrial thrown in for good measure. A good rocky goth guitar sound. They had a really good reception from the crowd. Definitely one to check out again in future.
See all the Bad Pollyanna pics here: 031112BadPollyannaWGW THE LAST CRY These guys are no strangers to the WGW stage and didn't disappoint this time round. We were rewarded with a wonderful atmospheric performance with some great new material on offer. The band also announced that they were now the official sponsors of Real Gothic FC and Andrew changed his shirt to a new The Last Cry/Real Gothic FC one.
See all The Last Cry pics: 031112TheLastCryWGW ALL LIVING FEAR This performance was bigged up for months as being one of the must-see performances with All Living Fear celebrating twenty years of being together. Sadly it was even more disappointing than Inertia last night. Woefully underwhelming and lacklustre are all phrases that sprang to mind with their performance. I'm sure they had a singer last time we saw them (back in 2009) and that seemed to make a big difference to the way things worked for them. The build up might have been big but the delivery was less good tonight
See all the ALL LIVING FEAR pics here: 031112AllLivingFearWGW BLITZKID Kaboom! Just like last night with Fangs On Fur, it took the punk rock power of Blitzkid to get the night back on track. I was very surprised to see this band at WGW as they sound very much like The Misfits but that was no bad thing as they were really rather good. Short sharp songs with catchy chant a long choruses, right up my street! The bass player was a complete lunatic who was bouncing all over the shop and playing in some most peculiar ways. Great stuff!
See all the BLITZKID pics here: 031112BlitzkidWGW After the fun of Blitzkid we made the decision not to stay for Alien Sex Fiend. They weren't really a band that any of us were too fussed about seeing so decided to go back and chill at the apartment and then start preparing for tomorrow and the Real Gothic v Athletico Gazette football game.

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