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WGW March 2011

24/03/2011 Whitby Goth Weekend Day 1

Today started early as Toni decided that she was going to colour my hair after all! Once that task was complete we then loaded up the car ready for the drive to Whitby.

Sam kindly took a photo before we set off:

First stop was the now traditional full English breakfast at what has now become known as The Lightbulb Cafe in Basildon so we were fuelled up for the journey. It was a really good journey with hardly any delays.

Saw a few interesting things en route.........

Great sign:


You can always tell when you are less than ten miles from Whitby as random Xmas trees start appearing by the roadside:

The sun shining down on the moors near Whitby:

Almost there, Whitby Abbey on the horizon:

Once we arrived we check into our beautiful attic room at the B&B and then chilled out for a couple of hours with some nice incohol!

Suitably refreshed we then headed out into town to grab a quick bite at Passage To India and then on to RAW nightclub to attend the S.O.P.H.I.E. Fundraiser club night where we had a quick catch up with some friends. We didn't stay too long though so we can pace ourselves for the weekend.

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25/03/2011 Whitby Goth Weekend Day 2

We started today with a gorgeous full English breakfast at the B&B. It was a real treat for Toni as she had been provided with gluten free sausages and toast!

After spending far too long getting ready we finally headed on out.

A new addition to Whitby was this fantastic shop. I wonder why this was worthy of a photograph! LMFAO

We strolled down to the Spa in glorious sunshine to pick up our wristbands. We then took the opportunity to indulge in a little shopping and some lunch. Once we were all shopped out we headed back to the B&B to chill out and get ready for our evening of musical entertainment.

A few views around Whitby:

Here is my current favourite sign:

25/03/2011 Whitby Goth Weekend Day 2 - The Bands

After a quick snooze it was time to get dressed up and hit The Spa for some musical goodness!

A couple of tarts!

Not sure you want to order the second item on the menu!

And so, on to the bands......................

I really enjoyed DUTCH ORDER. They loads of energy and were really enjoying themselves on stage. Musically they were like a cross between Joy Division and The Cure give us a delightful post-punk vibe.

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I have to admit that BLACK MOTH weren't really my cup of tea. There was far too much Led Zep in there for my liking. Not relly goth or punk but a lively set nonetheless.

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If Andrew Eldritch wore a wig and channelled the spirit of Carl McCoy you'd probably end up with something like DR ARTHUR KRAUSE. Classic 80s guitar goth a la The Sisters Of Mercy, Fields Of The Nephilim and The Mission. Great stuff and really set the mood for the weekend.

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Wow is all I can say! I wasn't really sure what to expect from FUZZBOX but they certainly came and conquered Whitby. It was a greatest hits show with all their punk and pop classics. Highlight of the night was them covering M's Pop Muzik and getting a crowd singalong going......... Talk about... GOTH MUZIK, inspired!

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RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY proved that they still have what it takes after so many years! Great set and had a fantastic reception from the crowd.

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26/03/2011 Whitby Goth Weekend Day 3

Woke up surprisingly awake and fresh this morning and headed down for another delicious breakfast.

We took our time getting dressed up ready for another fun packed day of shopping and a nice lunch.

I was delighted to see that along with yesterdays namesake shop that one of the local cab firms has also followed suit!:

Here's the nice church opposite our B&B:

Following shopping we popped into a cafe and had lunch. Jacket potato goodness. Surprise of the day was bumping into Louis De Wray who recognised me (sadly I didn't recognise him so that was an epic fail although it must have been almost 20 years ago that I last saw him!

After lunch it was back to the B&B for a chill out and then to get ready for the next set of gigs at The Spa.

26/03/2011 Whitby Goth Weekend Day 3 - The Bands

It was that time again. Change of outfit plan on both our parts but as usual we looked fabulous ready to hit The Spa.

The bands were awesome tonight, here's our compere:

All female PINK HEARSE ripped the place up with some fantastic horror punk. Really bouncy catchy tunes and a brilliant cover of Touch Me from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I really really enjoyed this lot and will definitely be checking them out again.

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A really enjoyable set from LUXURY STRANGER. A very Cure style sound to what they do but delivered in an original manner. Some strong songs on offer.

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I've been wanting to see THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA for a while and they certainly didn't disappoint me.

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FRANKENSTEIN set the place alight with a wonderfully tongue in cheek horror punk performance. Short sharp songs with great shout outs were just what the doctor ordered in the run up to The Damned. Final song was a cover of I Wanna Be Your Dog with guest appearances from Pink Hearse and DJ William Faith!

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No introductions are necessary here and the venue exploded as THE DAMNED hit the stage. Messrs Vanian, Sensible and co. tore the roof off with a high octane set of their classics.

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With British Summer Time kicking in while we were out we finally got back to the B&B at 03:40 where we enjoyed tea and Haribo from a wine glass!

27/03/2011 Whitby Goth Weekend Day 4

Tradition states that by Day 4 at Whitby your body starts to feel the strain of excess and this year was no exception! We managed to make it down to breakfast but then retired to our room and put up the Do Not Disturb sign. I sorted out my photos and blogged whilst Toni grabbed some much needed sleep (something I probably should have done too but I didn't feel that tired at the time).

We finally surfaced from our room at 13:30 and headed to Whitby Town Football Club to go and watch Real Gothic take on Athletico Gazette.

Looking a little worse for wear!

Despite the match being entertaining as usual the Real Gothic ended up losing 1 - 3 to Athletico Gazette. The only saving grace was the Real Gothic Ladies team winning 4 - 3 in a penalty shoot out against Athletico Gazette Ladies.

A nice pair:

Interesting team kit for the Real Gothic Ladies:

Action at the Real Gothic end:

Following the fun and games we then went and had a late lunch/early dinner in a lovely fish restaurant before heading back to the B&B to grab some rest before hitting the town again later.

27/03/2011 Whitby Goth Weekend Day 4 - Devilish Presley @ The Rez

After some more chill time we headed off to the Resolution Hotel to catch a set by Devilish Presley. As usual there's not a lot that needs saying about these guys! Whether it's a paid or free gig they always put on an amazing show and act as though this gig could be their last! As usual they did not disappoint. Much chuckles were had when Johnny name checked me in Hammer Horror Glamour and then used my forehead on his guitar neck as a finale to one of the songs.

If you haven't seen Devilish Presley before then you absolutely must, you won't be disappointed!

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28/03/2011 Whitby Goth Weekend Day 5 - The Departure

Sadly today was our last day in Whitby. We got up and had one last breakfast and then loaded up the car. The morning was spent picking up some gifts for friends and family and finished off with a nice cup of tea! How goth n roll!

Before leaving we had a quick chance for me to take a few pics of a couple of churches that I missed out on last time we were here:

We then started phase one of our journey over to Leeds to see Dan and Laura. First stop was Scarborough as we'd never been there before. As we drove through we realised it looked a lot like Margate or Southend (well the seafront did anyway). There was some nice pics to be had though:

Following the disappointment that was Scarborough we then decided to drive back towards Whitby so that we could head to York via a different part of the moors so that I could see the radar installation at RAF Fylingdales:

Various pics:

We finally got to Dan and Laura's just after 18:30. It was lovely to see them again and have a catch up. Chinese and Don't Mess With The Zohan was followed by some much needed sleep!

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29/03/2011 Back to life....

....back to reality! (as the song goes)

Early start today as we headed off from Dan and Laura's at 07:30 to do the run back to SWF and then Eltham.

We made reasonable time getting back even allowing for our breakfast break en route. Sadly it was a return to form on my sleeping in the car *grin*

We dropped my clothes off in SWF and then headed to Eltham to do the school run and pick up Gemima. We popped to Sainsbury's and then detoured briefly to Gail's to pick up some bits.

I did one of my rare culinary moments and cooked a lovely stir fry which we ate while watching Four Weddings & A Funeral (this was most welcomed by Toni).

Sadly the real world is now biting in and it will be back to reality and work tomorrow so I think an early night is in order!

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